FX2 Funding - Prop Trading Firm | February 2024 Review (2024)

Dive into our in-depth review of FX2 Funding, a prop trading firm that’s reshaping the forex trading landscape with its innovative approach and comprehensive support system.

Dive into our in-depth review of FX2 Funding, a prop trading firm that’s reshaping the forex trading landscape with its innovative approach and comprehensive support system.

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  • 24/7 Customer Support via Multiple Channels.
  • Personalized Support for Each Funded Trader.
  • Diverse Trading Options: Forex, Indices, Crypto.
  • User-Friendly Single-Stage Evaluation Process.
  • Rich Educational Resources in FX2 Academy.


  • Limited Licensing and Regulation.
  • No Demo Account for Practice Trading.
  • Restrictions on High-Frequency Trading Bots.
  • Initial Evaluation Fee Required.
  • Account Inactivity Limit of 30 Days.

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FX2 Funding, originating in the United States, collaborates closely with the Australian-licensed broker, Eightcap. This synergy was established with a pioneering vision to introduce a “value-adding” approach, distinctively beneficial for traders and investors in the forex realm. The distinguishing factor of FX2 Funding lies in its exceptional trading freedom. The company simplifies the registration and evaluation process, removes the constraints of stop-loss rules, and embraces all trading strategies, including weekend positions.

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FX2 Funding, aiming to be the most user-friendly prop trading firm, adopts a streamlined funding and evaluation approach. They offer a range of five account types, with live funded capital ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, accompanied by a lucrative profit split of up to 85%. What sets FX2 apart is the absence of a demo account, a deliberate choice to align with their principle of fully supporting their traders with real funds.

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FX2 Funding User-Friendly Evaluation Process

The evaluation process at FX2 Funding deviates from conventional multi-step procedures. Instead, they offer a straightforward, single-stage evaluation with a refundable fee starting at $95. The criteria to qualify for funding are clear: achieve a 10% profit without breaching any of the three trading rules. These include avoiding a 6% drawdown on the total account size, preventing a 4% drawdown in a single day, and ensuring the account isn’t inactive for over 30 days.

Flexible Trading and Account Scaling

Traders at FX2 Funding enjoy the liberty to trade at their own pace, free from stringent time constraints or minimum trading day requirements. Upon reaching a 10% gain and becoming an approved live trader, there’s an opportunity to scale up. By withdrawing their share of the profits, traders can see their original account size boosted by 10% by FX2, a process repeatable up to a maximum of $1,000,000.

FX2 Funding offers trading opportunities in Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Leverage options are varied, with 100:1 for Forex, 1:5 for indices, and 1:2 for cryptocurrencies. The platform encourages diverse trading methods, including news event trading, scalping, and the use of scripts, indicators, Expert Advisors (EAs), and copy trading. However, traders must refrain from engaging in latency exploitation, arbitrage pricing, or the use of high-frequency trading bots. All EAs are subject to review prior to account funding.

FX2 Funding facilitates prompt payouts, with the initial payout available 7 days post-funding and subsequent payouts every 14 days. The payouts are processed through Deel.com, necessitating traders to create an account there. Various payout methods are available, including bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, Wise, and cryptocurrency options like Coinbase and Binance, offering flexibility in receiving funds.

FX2 Funding excels in customer support, offering 24/7 assistance through email, WhatsApp, and phone. Uniquely, each funded trader is assigned a dedicated support provider, ensuring a personalized service with an agent familiar with the trader’s history. The FX2 academy further complements this support, providing an extensive range of educational materials, including white papers, webinars, and more, fostering a rich learning environment.

Despite being a newer entrant in the prop firm sector, FX2 Funding has garnered a positive reception, evident in its 4.2-star rating on TrustPilot from 53 reviews. However, it’s important to note the lack of regulatory licensing, which is a consideration for potential users. The positive customer feedback suggests a level of satisfaction with their services.

In summary, FX2 Funding emerges as a compelling new prop trading platform in 2023, distinguished by its user-friendly approach, superior customer support, and an abundance of educational resources. It stands out as a valuable option for skilled traders seeking funding and support in their trading endeavors.

FX2 Funding - Prop Trading Firm | February 2024 Review (2024)


Is FX2 funding real or fake? ›

FX2 traders receive a simulated account for trading. It's crucial to understand that this account does not involve real funds, and trades are executed in a simulated environment using market quotes from liquidity providers. FX2 traders may never engage in actual transactions on live markets through their FX2 Accounts.

What is the commission for FX2 funding? ›

Partner with FX2 Funding to reap the most advantageous prop firm affiliate commissions on the market. Our affiliates earn up to 20% of revenue for referred clients. Whether you are a trading influencer, educator, or group administrator, your referrals to FX2 Funding can earn you sizable income for years to come!

Is my funded FX legit? ›

In conclusion, MyFundedFx is a reputable and reliable prop trading firm that offers competitive funding, advanced trading tools, and exceptional support. Its unique approach to prop trading and transparent evaluation process make it an attractive option for traders of all levels.

What is the drawdown on FX2 funding? ›

* The maximum trailing drawdown starts at negative 6% of your starting balance. If your negative equity reaches 6% of your starting balance, your account will be terminated immediately. Once you achieve a 6% return, it stops trailing and the drawdown is locked in at your starting balance.

Is FX trading real or fake? ›

Forex trading itself is not a scam, but there are certainly scammers who use the industry as a way to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. These scams come in many forms, from unscrupulous brokers to fake trading systems.

Who is the CEO of FX2 funding? ›

David Dombrowsky - FX2 Funding. David is the founder and CEO of FX2 Funding. Following a long career in forex trading, David decided to form his own prop firm in 2022. Prior to FX2, David served as CFO several retail and health care companies, one of which he saw through a successful exit.

Which prop firm is the best? ›

#1 – Funder Trading

Funder Trading stands first in our list of the top prop trading firms in 2024 due to multiple reasons but notably it is the only prop trading firm that offers options funding and includes coaching for every trader signed up.

What prop firm has the fastest payout? ›

Funding Traders offers some of the fastest, most flexible payout terms in the industry. As a funded trader yourself, this industry-leading prop firm empowers you to maximize profits and get paid faster.

When was fx2 funding established? ›

Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, the prop firm lowered the bar for proprietary traders to participate in the space. It introduced remote access to a trading account, funded accounts with over $200,000, and offered a profit-sharing model of up to 90%.

Is funded trader real or fake? ›

In Conclusion 🌐

Funded trader programs can be a legitimate avenue for traders to access capital and amplify profits. However, like any lucrative opportunity, there are risks.

Is funded trading worth it? ›

In conclusion, The Funded Trader has received positive reviews and is transparent about its pricing, rewards, and evaluation process. Traders can feel confident in using this platform to earn profits from trading without risking their own capital.

Which broker does my funded FX use? ›

With Blueberry Markets onboard as the exclusive broker, MyFundedFX traders gain access to an expanded array of trading instruments, thereby diversifying their trading portfolios. Optimized Trading Conditions.

What is the minimum trading days for FX2 funding? ›

4. Efficient Evaluation Process: The evaluation process at FX2 Funding is refreshingly straightforward. You only need to trade for a minimum of ten days to pass and join the live-funded account.

Does FX2 funding use MT4? ›

FX2 Funding User Experience

Traders can choose between the highly advanced MT5 trading platform or the easy-to-use MT4 for trade execution, further enhancing the user experience.

What is the daily drawdown rule for funded trader? ›

How do I calculate Daily Drawdown? The maximum Daily Drawdown is always 5% of your equity at the start of the trading day. It's important to note that the maximum daily loss of 5% is based on the trader's equity at the end of the day (EOD), which is calculated at 00:00 GMT+3 server time.

Does the funded trader use real money? ›

The Funded Trader challenge and funded accounts are not live trading accounts, they are fully simulated accounts utilizing real market quotes from liquidity providers. Therefore no real money is ever traded as no orders are ever executed in live markets, they are simulated orders in a simulated environment.

Is the funding family real? ›

The Funding Family is a direct lender specializing in alternatives to small business loans, regardless of bad credit or other issues traditional banks cite to deny funding.

Can you make money from FX? ›

An investor can make money in forex by appreciation in the value of the quoted currency or by a decrease in value of the base currency. Another perspective on currency trading comes from considering the position an investor is taking on each currency pair.

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