Huntington Bank 2024 Review (2024)

Huntington Bank 2024 Review (1)

Huntington Bank

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Huntington Bank isn’t the number one bank for high savings account rates, but it does offer a wide variety of services and keeps fees relatively low or easy to avoid. If you live in one of the 11 states it operates in and want a bank with a strong online presence and a good branch network, Huntington Bank may be a good fit.


  • Offers 24-hour grace period to avoid overdraft fees
  • Fee-free options for both checking and savings accounts
  • Variety of financial services, including military and business banking, lending, insurance, and investment management


  • Low interest rates on most savings accounts
  • High minimum balance requirements for higher-tier accounts
  • Small ATM and branch networks

Vault’s Viewpoint on Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank is a bank that focuses primarily on the Midwestern United States along with some states in the South. It offers both in-person and online banking and can be a viable one-stop shop for your financial needs.

The available accounts range from simple, low-fee options to more advanced accounts that require significant balances to avoid fees. The greatest drawbacks of the bank are its lack of branches and ATMs outside of its core service region and its low rates on most deposit accounts.

Huntington Bank Certificates of Deposit

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Huntington CDs Overview

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Huntington Bank offers CDs with terms ranging from 1 to 72 months. Rates are generally poor but its promotional CDs are more competitive.


  • Variety of terms available
  • Promotional CDs have solid interest rates


  • Interest rates on most CDs are low
  • $1,000 minimum deposit requirement
  • Can only open CDs in-branch

Huntington Bank offers a variety of certificates of deposit (CDs), with terms ranging from as short as one month to as long as six years. Most of the bank’s CDs aren’t worth opening due to low CD rates, but a few promotional CDs are worth considering.

Huntington Bank Savings Account

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Huntington Savings Overview

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0.01% – 4.70%

Minimum Balance

$0 – $50

Expert Take

Though a fee-free savings account is available, rates are quite low. To qualify for competitive rates with online banks and avoid fees on the high-yield account, you’ll need a minimum balance of at least $25,000.


  • Rates on the money market account are competitive
  • Overdraft protection available


  • Low rates on most savings accounts
  • High minimum balance to earn a competitive rate

Huntington Bank offers three types of savings account options: the largely fee-free Premier Savings, the Relationship Savings account, and a high-yield Relationship Money Market Account. Only the money market account offers competitive rates, but it requires a $25,000 balance to earn interest and avoid a $25 monthly fee.

Huntington Bank Checking Accounts

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Huntington Checking Overview

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Up to 0.03%

Min. Balance to Avoid Fee

$0 – $100,000

Monthly Maintenance Fee


Min. Opening Deposit

$0 – $100,000

Expert Take

Customers can choose from a number of checking accounts based on the amount they expect to keep in the account. Minimum balance requirements scale from $0 to as high as $25,000, with the services offered adjusting accordingly.


  • No-fee or minimum account available.
  • ATM fee reimbursem*nts with some accounts
  • Earn interest on your balance with some accounts


  • Monthly fees as high as $25.
  • Top checking account requires $100,000 and a Managed Investment account.

Huntington Bank has four checking accounts for its customers to choose from, ranging from a no-fee, low-frills account to a high-end account aimed at its Managed Investment customers. Higher-end accounts offer perks such as ATM fee reimbursem*nts.

About Huntington

Huntington Bank is one of the largest American banks, with more than $187 billion in assets and 1,000 branches across 11 states. Founded in 1866 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, it focuses mostly on customers in the Midwest and South.

On top of its network of physical branches and ATMs, Huntington has a strong online presence. It also offers more than just basic banking services, such as insurance, lending, and investment management.

Huntington Bank Fees

Huntington Bank offers multiple tiers of checking and savings accounts. You can opt for its no-frills options, which have no fees or fees that are easy to avoid but have limited features and perks.

On the other hand, if you open a high-end account, you could face fees as high as $25 a month unless you can maintain a significant balance. But you get solid perks in return, such as unlimited ATM fee reimbursem*nt.

One nice thing is that fees for some common services are relatively low. For example, the overdraft fee is $15 and won’t apply if the account’s final balance for the day is above -$50.

Who is Huntington Best For?

Huntington Bank largely appeals to residents of the states that it services. Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota are its largest markets. Huntington’s low-fee accounts are a solid choice if you want a basic checking and savings account. But customers with larger balances who want to build a strong relationship with a bank, including getting investment advice, might also find Huntington appealing. Small business owners will also find the bank appealing. Huntington Bank has been the top SBA 7(a) loan provider by volume for six years running.

Who Should Consider an Alternative to Huntington Bank?

If you’re looking for the best available interest rates and lowest possible fees, Huntington Bank isn’t the right choice for you, especially compared to online banks, which offer better rates on both checking and savings accounts and come with better perks and fewer fees.

You might also want to consider an alternative if you’re a frequent traveler. Huntington Bank is focused on serving a few particular states. You might struggle to find a branch or ATM if you find yourself in different parts of the country. If you travel a lot, you might be better off with a national bank chain.

How Does Huntington Bank Stack Up to Its Competitors?

Huntington Bank offers a strong mix of basic, low-fee accounts and higher-end accounts with more services and higher fees. Still, it’s worth comparing with other banks before opening an account to ensure Huntington is the right choice for you.

Huntington vs. Vio

Vio Bank is the online bank for MidFirst Bank, the largest privately-held bank in the United States. It offers a much smaller selection of accounts than Huntington Bank, with just CDs, an online savings account, and a money market account available.

If you’re looking for a bank that can offer checking accounts or other financial services, Huntington will be the better choice of the two. But if finding competitive rates and low fees is your primary goal, Vio will appeal. Its savings account offers 1.10% APY on all balances with no fees and only a $100 minimum deposit while its money market account offers 5.30% APY.

Huntington vs. Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a fully online bank that, offers a full suite of banking services in addition to lending and investment services. If you don’t mind not having a network of branches to visit, Ally can be a strong competitor to Huntington Bank.

Ally especially excels against Huntington regarding rates, fees, and minimums. Ally has no minimum balance or opening deposit requirements for its checking or savings accounts. Its savings account also offers a much higher rate than Huntington’s at 4.35% APY. You also get perks like ATM fee reimbursem*nts with Ally’s free checking account.

Huntington vs. Chase

Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States, with almost 5,000 branches spread across 49 states and 16,000 ATMS. You can work with Chase for nearly any financial need, including banking, lending and investing.

Like Huntington Bank, most of Chase’s accounts come with some form of monthly fee or minimum deposit requirement. If you’d prefer to work with a larger institution with a national presence, Chase might be a better fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Contact Huntington Bank?

Huntington Bank’s customer service is available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. You can also visit the bank’s website and work with a virtual assistant to get support.

Can I Open a Huntington Bank Account from Anywhere?

Huntington Bank offers online banking services in addition to its 1,000 branches across eleven states. But you cannot open an online bank account with Huntington if you live outside of its service area. To open an account online, you must reside in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.

Does Huntington Bank Offer Any Account Bonuses?

Huntington Bank sometimes offers bonuses to customers who sign up for a new account. Currently, new customers can earn up to $600 by opening a qualifying checking account and sign up to receive direct deposits or deposit a sufficient amount to the account.

Huntington Bank 2024 Review (2024)
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