'Marvel's Hero Project' Recap: The Incredible Elijah (2024)

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November 15, 2019

Meet Elijah, whose crusade to keep kids safe has led him to the nation's capital!

Every week on Marvel's Hero Project -- streaming exclusively on Disney+ -- you will meet a new young hero making a difference in their communities and all over the world! In this episode, meet Elijah!

Elijah’s extraordinary empathy is his superpower. Speaking out to keep kids safe, he has galvanized children, adults, and those in public service to join him in his rallying cry to protect the most vulnerable members of society. Elijah is already a hero in his community, and now, in recognition of his commitment to helping children, Marvel is making him a Super Hero.

At just 11 years old, Elijah is not just comfortable in front of a crowd of people, he’s dynamic. At five years old, he had an idea for his first sermon and eventually became an ordained minister, preaching to his church community. But when he isn’t speaking to his church, he’s finding ways to speak up for fellow children who have found themselves in bad situations.

In his episode of Marvel’s Hero Project, Elijah discusses meeting a young girl who was being abused. He recognized that it was a big deal for her to open up to him, saying “She would never tell an adult.” But he said that hearing about her pain put “a burden on [his] heart,” and he felt compelled to act. “Yes, I’m a kid, but kids do have a voice.”

Inspired by other outstanding orators who stood up for those who needed to be heard – like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Elijah told his mother Jessica that he was ready to lead a march to speak out against child abuse. So he did what every other hero with fire inside of him does – he hit the streets, he went in front of the city council, he got the paperwork, he saved his money and took his cause to the airwaves! And then, despite some nervousness beforehand, the town showed up at Elijah’s march, carrying their signs, raising their voices, and standing with Elijah.

When creating Elijah’s comic, Marvel staffers Sana Amanat and Devin Lewis latched onto a description of Elijah by his mother: that there was a light around him. That light was translated into Elijah’s power of empathy, giving him the power to see the “auras” of other people around him and seeing their true emotions, including their sadness.

Now for the surprise! Elijah was initially told that he was going to deliver a speech in Washington DC – what he didn’t know was that his brother Marvin was coming back from college to see Elijah speak. Elijah was in tears over the reunion, but it was just the first surprise of the day – Elijah would be giving his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King also spoke! In addition to the friends who accompanied Elijah and his family on the trip to DC, Elijah’s speech drew even more people in to hear what the young hero had to say. He might be young, and he might have to step on a literal soap box to reach the microphone, but Elijah has a voice that resonates and a magnetic personality.

It was time for Elijah to join the ranks of Marvel Super Heroes! Anyone watching the episode knew by now that Elijah was not one to hide his emotions, and getting his package from Marvel’s Hero Project –was definitely a cause for very happy tears. It was all topped off by an authentic Marvel Comic starring incredible Elijah.

To show how much Elijah inspired all of us, Marvel’s Hero Project is making a donation in the amount of $10,000 to the organization Prevent Child Abuse America in recognition of their work to keep kids safe.

And of course, to learn more about Elijah's work, visithttps://incredibleelijah.com!

Now you can read Elijah’s comic too! Sana Amanat and Devin Lewis brought on the terrific team of Mike Raicht (MARVEL AGE HULK, MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN) and artists Mario Del Pennino and Chris Sotomayor (colors) to tell Elijah’s Marvel Comics origin story! Download Elijah’s comic, INCREDIBLE ELIJAH #1, for free right here!

There are so many heroes in the real world to celebrate, and Marvel’s Hero Project is giving them their time in the spotlight! Tune in to Marvel’s Hero Project, streaming exclusively on Disney+, every week to learn about a new young hero making a difference in their communities and beyond!

'Marvel's Hero Project' Recap: The Incredible Elijah (2024)
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